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Jonathan and Melissa Helser:

Jonathan and Melissa Helser have been apart of the Bethel Music Collective since 2014, bringing with them a rich history of passionate worship. The Helser’s yearn to see a generation encounter the love of God and their music reflects their collisions with God’s love. 

Their newest album, Beautiful Surrender released in September of 2016 and represents their eight album release to date. Jonathan & Melissa are also featured on Bethel Music’s latest albums, Have It All (“Thank You”), and We Will Not Be Shaken with their powerful anthem “No Longer Slaves”. They have authored well-known songs such as “Abba”, “Endless Ocean”, “On the Shores”, and “Explode My Soul”.

In addition to worship leading and songwriting, Jonathan and Melissa have devoted their lives to discipleship for the last 16 years. When they are not traveling, they are pursuing kingdom family through the community and schools they lead. They live with their two beautiful children in Sophia, North Carolina where they facilitate a multi-generational ministry called A Place for the Heart. Here they lead a school for the heart known as the 18-Inch Journey. They also lead a collective of artist called the Cageless Birds, whose mission is to craft songs, art, and goods that encourage others into wholeness and freedom as children of God.


Jeremy Riddle:

Jeremy Riddle is a worship leader, songwriter, and pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He carries a deep passion for God’s presence, and his worship leading stirs hunger, freedom, and adoration toward the Lord. Jeremy leads with a transparency that is catalytic and empowers others to bring a pure offering to God.

Jeremy has been an integral writer on many Bethel Music albums on songs such as “This Is Amazing Grace”, “Breaking Through”, “Be Enthroned”, “Fall Afresh”, “Furious”, “God of the Redeemed”, “To Our God”, and “Love Came Down”.

In 2009 Jeremy and his family moved to Redding, California to attend Bethel Church, and he has been part of the Bethel Music Collective since 2010. Jeremy serves pastorally on the Bethel Redding Core Team and is passionate about seeing others connect with the call on their lives and seeing dreams realized. He spearheaded the inception and development of Bethel’s Young Adult Ministry, Tribe.


Nathan Horst:

Nathan Horst is a Worship Leader here at Life Center and the founder and operator of Attic Studios, a renowned recording studio located in-house. He and his wife Katie have four boys and delight in displaying the goodness of God to those around them.


Ricardo White:

Ricardo White is the Worship Pastor at Life Center in Harrisburg, PA. He carries a breakthrough anointing in worship and loves to encourage upcoming worship leaders and musicians to excel at their craft and become all that God created them to be.


David Leach:

David Leach is a worship leader at Life Center and has been traveling with Randy Clark leading worship both nationally and internationally. David and his wife Johannah’s desire is to see a generation passionately and authentically pursuing God in every area of arts and entertainment.

Jon and Tiffany Aitken:

Jon and Tiffany Aitken are Worship Leaders at Life Center in Harrisburg, PA. They love to see the presence of God overwhelm people in worship and change their perspective to one full of hope.